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The Harlem Renaissance: Series at The Juilliard School

Harlem in the 1920s represented the epitome of panache and a unique collectivism that saw the rise of a new social movement. This dynamic surge of activity came to be known as the Harlem Renaissance, and this course explores the music traditions of this fertile time period. From early pre-jazz offerings of James Reese Europe and the 369th Infantry Regiment to jumping rent parties featuring the likes of pianist and entertainer Fats Waller, we will listen to the distinctive soundtrack of this movement. During the course, we will be introduced to Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Louis Armstrong, and other colorful characters of the Savoy Ballroom. Through class discussions, group readings, and selected recordings, we will explore the rich artistic traditions of this incredible New York neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 23 Wednesday, June 24 Thursday, June 25 2–4pm Online


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