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Reporting live from the World Stage

In the time I've been in Los Angeles I have to admit the one place I've played that most reminds me of home has to be the World Stage. Talk about about a down-home vibe... This Leimert Park area reminds me Third Ward(Houston, TX), and the history is just as deep. One of the spirits watching over this place and space is the great Billy Higgins. He was one of the co-founders of this artistic space that includes jam sessions, poetry readings, vocal master classes, and much more. In addition to being one of the best drummers to ever do it, he unselfishly gave of his time to mentoring so many young musicians over the years. His picutre is hanging over the bandstand, and his drums are still used as the house-kit(and they still sound great although Master Higgins trasitioned over 20 years ago). Keep on guiding us on this bandstand...

photo by Chuck Koton


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