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Juilliard Salutes Billie Holliday

This coming October I will be leading a four part lecture series on one of America's most important voices. Hope to see some familiar faces.

Lady Day: The Life and Times of Billie Holiday

Billie Holliday, born Eleanora Fagan (1915-1959), was an American-born jazz and popular music singer and songwriter. Her recorded musical career spans three decades and well documents the soaring highs and tragic lows of a tumultuous personal life. Her music reveals a deeply inventive stylist whose interpretation of melody, rhythm, and inflection set her apart from all her contemporaries. Her singular approach has situated her as one of the most influential and iconic voices of all-time. This class explores her earliest recordings on small boutique labels through her more well-known offerings on the Columbia records catalogue. Along the way we discover just what made “Lady Day” such an important voice of musical history.

4 weeks

Wednesdays 5:30–7pm

October 24–November 14

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