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Five-part lecture series on Nina Simone at The Juilliard School

Nina Simone: The High Priestess of Soul

As one of the most eclectic performers of the 20th century, Nina Simone—who studied at Juilliard Extension many years ago—occupies a truly rarified space. She was one of the most important performers and composers to set foot on any stage and her recordings serve as a testament to her magnetism. Never one to be confined by genres, labels, or the norms of the day, she burned with a passion that fueled her larger-than-life stage persona. This class charts Simone’s ascension from the little girl performing in Southern one-room houses of worship to the main stage at Carnegie Hall and beyond. Classes—which will be informative and interactive—should provide students with a greater understanding and appreciation of how this one voice became the mouthpiece for a movement.

5 weeks

Tuesdays 5:30–7pm ET

March 8–April 5

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